Project Title IODP Expedition 336 Objective Research: The deep biosphere of young and oxic oceanic crust
Acronym North Pond basalts
Created September 10, 2015
Modified September 10, 2015

Project Description

Description from NSF award abstract:
The proposal addresses a fundamental aim of the ocean drilling program, namely to help characterize one of the largest and least studied ecosystems on Earth, the deep biosphere of the igneous crust buried below the ocean floor. The principal scientific objective of IODP expedition 336 is, in particular, to investigate the microbial population in basaltic crust from the North Pond area near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The study samples are weathered and porous basalts taken from beneath ~100 m of sediment in the North Pond area. The study proposes to determine both the diversity of the microbe population (using DNA) and its metabolic activity (using RNA). The PIs will investigate the relationship between microbes in the basement and those in the water column and determine which metabolic pathways are used by the deep basement microbes. The study will also provide baseline data for the long-term biological observatories installed in the sub-seafloor basement during expedition 336. Understanding deep biosphere life is a major thrust of the new IODP science plan and has implications for understanding the limits of life.

Data Project Maintainers

Beth N. OrcuttBigelow Laboratory for Ocean SciencesPrincipal Investigator
Katrina J. EdwardsTexas A&M University (TAMU)Co-Principal Investigator
Jason B. SylvanUniversity of Houston (UH-Clearlake)Co-Principal Investigator
Heath J. MillsUniversity of Southern California (USC)Co-Principal Investigator