Novel species isolated from South Pacific Gyre deep subseafloor sediments (Zhang, X.-H. et al., IJSEM 2014)

Subseafloor Cultures Database

The database is currently under development and read-only. Stay tuned as we develop how this community resource can be contributed to.

A community-driven database for subseafloor cultures is being developed. At the present time, this Subseafloor Cultures Database includes 7 enrichments, 284 isolated and 14 described species from the North Atlantic, North Pond (Central Atlantic), Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Okinawa Trough, Nankai Trough, Shimokita Peninsula, Juan de Fuca, Catalina Harbor, East Pacific Rise, Equatorial Pacific & Peru Margin, South Pacific Gyre, and Louisville Seamounts.

N.B. Use with discretion as these listings have not yet been rigorously checked.

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