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A unique feature of the C-DEBI community is our spatial distribution across the United States and beyond which provides opportunity for public dissemination of knowledge of the field. We strive not only to reach those already involved in the field, but of equal importance, those who are not familiar with the complexities and importance of the deep subseafloor biosphere.

C-DEBI Mailing List & Newsletter
Join our community mailing list of nearly 1000 scientists, educators, students and more to stay informed of all things deep biosphere!  We share C-DEBI and other deep biosphere opportunities and resources every other week.

Deep Biosphere TED Talk, Documentary, and Other Videos
From TED Talks by C-DEBI researcher Karen Lloyd to the North Pond documentary following a C-DEBI expedition to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (a C-DEBI Education Grant), find out what C-DEBI is doing, what’s so interesting, and why it’s important!

Delaware SeaGrant Project VIDEO: Virtual, Interactive Dark Energy Outreach
As part of a C-DEBI Education Grant, Delaware Sea Grant expanded its collection of 15 Second Science videos and other multimedia to include resources about the deep biosphere and sub-seafloor life. Tune in for 15 Second Science segments, longer Dive Deeper videos, and even some virtual reality videos, discussing microbes, dark energy, and the tools and techniques used to explore this extreme environment.

JOIDES Resolution: Deep Dark Life
The JOIDES Resolution is a seagoing research vessel that drills core samples and collects measurements from under the ocean floor, giving scientists a glimpse into Earth’s development. Learn about the life forms C-DEBIers and others are discovering with “the JR” that live deep in the rocks of the seafloor.  Also explore microbes below the seafloor in Stories from the Cores, a downloadable video game that lets players act like scientists studying cores drilled from the ocean, developed by a C-DEBI Education Grant.

Where Wild Microbes Grow: An eBook for Kids
Where Wild Microbes Grow is a children’s picture eBook about the search for life under the seafloor supported by a C-DEBI Education Grant. Kids explore how scientists are discovering amazing creatures that may help us find life on other planets. Written in rhyming verse by Kevin Kurtz and illustrated by Alice Feagan, this iBook includes interactive videos, photos and other media about the astonishing world of seafloor microbes. Also available as a PDF.

Life Underground: The Video Game
Life Underground, a game developed by the USC Game Innovation Lab, takes players on a journey into the depths and extremes of the Earth.  Download this interactive outreach experience for 7th and 8th grade classrooms. The goal is for students to visualize microscopic life at a range of terrestrial and extraterrestrial subsurface conditions. Students take the role of a young scientist investigating extreme subsurface environments for microbial life.

Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) Designs
Build your own ROV with these designs for K-8 marine education developed through a C-DEBI Education Grant. The “Catalina” design features joystick control, 4 thrusters for better maneuverability, lights and camera for HD recording, and attachment points for student-designed sensors or sampling tools. Each ROV operates in seawater up to 15 m deep.

Science at Sea Outreach
Learn about our deep biosphere research directly from seagoing expeditions on the JOIDES Resolution and other expeditions associated with C-DEBI research.