PI: Samuel M. Hulme (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories)
Amount: $50,000.00
Award Dates: December 15, 2011 — February 28, 2013


A feature film documentary chronicling drilling activities and the installation of seafloor observatories (CORKs) at North Pond on IODP Expedition 336 was completed as a result of this award. This is the only feature film ever made of an ocean drilling expedition and will provide valuable public exposure to the scientific ocean drilling program (IODP) and C-DEBI. In April of 2012, a follow-up expedition with the ROV Jason 2 was conducted to retrieve data and instrumentation from the CORKs along with installing new instrumentation packages and conducting geologic surveys of the North Pond area. We included this expedition as part of the North Pond documentary to provide a contextual relevance of the seafloor observatories. Showing scientists using the observatories adds a sense of accomplishment and purpose to the overall film that cannot be attained with only the IODP expedition footage.