The IODP Core Repository at Texas A&M University houses core samples that may be requested for scientific research (photo: Rosalynn Sylvan / USC).

Research Support

C-DEBI is the community-initiated means of providing the collaborative framework and support that we believe is needed for new research projects to be developed in the deep subsurface biosphere.

Since C-DEBI’s inception in 2010, we supported calls for proposals for our Research Grants and Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships. We are now in the final years of C-DEBI where NSF funding for all STCs scales back substantially.

2018 represented the last round of the Research Grants and Fellowships programs; we now move towards synthesis activities and continue to support community workshops, research exchanges and bioinformatic projects.

Research Exchange Program
C-DEBI facilitates scientific coordination and collaborations by supporting student, postdoctoral, and faculty exchanges to build, educate and train the deep subseafloor biosphere community. We award small research exchange grants for Center participants. These grants may be used to support research, travel for presenting C-DEBI research at meetings, or travel exchanges to other partner institutions or institutions that have new tools and techniques that can be applied to C-DEBI research.

Community Workshop Support
C-DEBI invites proposals for for community workshops that will help to advance C-DEBI’s central research agenda: to investigate the subseafloor biosphere deep in marine sediment and oceanic crust, and to conduct multi-disciplinary studies to develop an integrated understanding of subseafloor microbial life at the molecular, cellular, and ecosystem scales.

Bioinformatic Support
Members of the C-DEBI community can contact C-DEBI Bioinformatic Specialist, Dr. Benjamin Tully <>, for services such as access to the C-DEBI computational server, minor questions regarding bioinformatics tools, workflows and coding challenges, and more.

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