Friday June 3, 2022 (9:30 – 11:00AM Pacific Time)

The Many Ways to Use Anvi’o, a Platform for Microbial ‘Omics
Iva Veseli (University of Chicago)

Cheaper, higher-quality sequencing technologies have made ‘omics analyses – metagenomics, pangenomics, phylogenomics, and more – central to investigations of microbial ecology and evolution. Anvi’o is a community-driven software platform enabling integrated analyses and interactive visualization of these multi-’omic data. It offers a versatile set of programs for working with sequence data that researchers can mix and match according to their research questions. While this can present a steeper learning curve than a simple data-in-results-out pipeline, it is not as difficult as you might think. We will discuss the various ways to learn and use anvi’o, and how these strategies fit different research needs and users with different levels of computational experience.

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