2020 C-DEBI Virtual Annual Meeting Participants

Virtual Meeting Series

Building on the enthusiasm of our first virtual annual meeting in 2020, we continue to bring the C-DEBI community together through a virtual meeting series. These virtual events will be held monthly during the first week of each month, with a regular rotation of science workshops and professional development workshops. Each workshop will contain about 90 minutes of programming, including invited speakers to give plenary tutorials and presentations, breakout sessions, and plenary Q&A sessions. To foster an open environment for data sharing and discussion, sessions will not be recorded.

The layout of the 90-minute meetings (all 10:30AM – 12:00PM Pacific Time) is anticipated to be:

  • Welcome (10 minutes)
  • Ice breaker (10 minutes; in breakout rooms if the group is large)
  • Plenary talk(s) (20-30 minutes) and Q&A
  • Deeper discussion (in breakout rooms if the group is large)
  • Final plenary Q&A/wrap up
C-DEBI is committed to providing a virtual meeting space where all participants feel welcome, safe, and included. By registering for and attending the meeting, you agree to review and abide by our non-discriminatory code of conduct.

Upcoming Meetings

Friday May 7, 2021 (10:30AM – 12:00PM Pacific Time)
New Microbial Physiology Techniques [Register for connection information]

Roland Hatzenpichler, Montana State University

Next-generation physiology: Why and how to measure microbial phenotypes under (close to) in situ conditions

We will discuss cutting-edge approaches to measure microbial phenotypes and metabolic activities under as close to in situ conditions as experimentally possible. We will focus on non-destructive techniques capable of observing individual bacterial and archaeal cells that can be followed up by additional methods to further characterize cells of interest.


Tentatively: Friday June 4, 2021 (10:30AM – 12:00PM Pacific Time)
How to Build Capacity for a Thriving Research Lab at a PUI (Primarily Undergraduate Institution)

Rika Anderson, Carleton College

Conducting research with undergraduates at a small liberal arts college

We will discuss how to build up a successful research program at a primarily undergraduate institution (PUI). We will cover topics like teaching and research expectations at small liberal arts colleges (SLACs) and other PUIs, how to strike a balance between research and teaching at PUIs, how to design projects that fit the undergraduate student timeline, how to recruit and retain students in a diverse and equitable lab environment, avenues of research funding, and publishing with undergraduate co-authors.

Terry McGlynn, California State University Dominguez Hills

How to develop an undergraduate research lab with long-term sustainability


Tentatively: Friday July 9, 2021 (10:30AM – 12:00PM Pacific Time)
Techniques for Isolating DNA from Tough Samples

Jackie Goordial, University of Guelph

Squeezing DNA from a rock: DNA extractions from low biomass settings

In this tutorial I will draw on experience in mineral permafrost and ocean crust samples to discuss methods to obtain genomic material from low biomass samples. I will discuss how (and when) to tweak common commercial DNA kits for low biomass samples (including lysis considerations and elution alterations), the use of flow cytometry to concentrate cells, and finally – options for amplifying DNA for downstream analysis when you get very small amounts.


Tentatively: Friday August 6, 2021 (10:30AM – 12:00PM Pacific Time)
Techniques for Isolating Persnickety Microbes

Roman Barco, University of Southern California
Ileana Perez-Rodriguez, University of Pennsylvania


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Previous Meetings

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Organizing Committee

If you are an early career researcher (student, postdoc, junior faculty, etc.) who would like to help coordinate these events, please contact us!

Joy Buongiorno, Maryville College
James Bradley, Queen Mary University of London
Beth Orcutt, C-DEBI Senior Scientist, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Rosalynn Sylvan, C-DEBI Managing Director, University of Southern California