2020 C-DEBI Virtual Annual Meeting Participants

Virtual Meeting Series

Building on the enthusiasm of our first virtual annual meeting in 2020, we continue to bring the C-DEBI community together through a virtual meeting series. These virtual events are held monthly during the first week of each month, with a regular rotation of science workshops and professional development workshops. Each workshop contains 90 minutes of programming, including plenary presentations by invited speakers, a community building breakout session, and a plenary Q&A session. To foster an open environment for data sharing and discussion, sessions will not be recorded.

The layout of the 90-minute meetings (all 9:30 – 11:00AM Pacific Time) is anticipated to be:

  • Welcome (10 minutes)
  • Community building ice breaker (10 minutes; in breakout rooms if the group is large)
  • Plenary talk(s) (30 minutes)
  • Open Q&A (30 minutes)
  • Wrap up (10 minutes)
C-DEBI is committed to providing a virtual meeting space where all participants feel welcome, safe, and included. By registering for and attending the meeting, you agree to review and abide by our non-discriminatory code of conduct.

Upcoming Meetings

Friday February 4, 2022 (9:30 – 11:00AM Pacific Time)
METABOLIC Bioinformatics Tool [Register for Connection Information]
Karthik Anantharaman, Zhichao Zhou, and Patricia Tran (University of Wisconsin)

In the recent decade, metagenomics and single-cell genomics have significantly changed our understanding of the microbial world, especially uncultured microbial taxa. While advanced genomic approaches have allowed scientists to discover a rich diversity of microorganisms from diverse settings, bioinformatic tools which could help us to interpret and organize genomic blueprints into metabolism and biogeochemistry at the individual and community scales are necessary to facilitate research in diverse fields. METABOLIC is a newly developed scalable metabolic and biogeochemical functional trait profiler to comprehensively study microbial metabolism and interactions using genome data.

In this talk, we will present the capabilities of METABOLIC that can enable (1) Metabolic and biogeochemical analyses for genomes and microbial communities, and (2) Visualization of biogeochemical cycling potential and community-scale functional networks.

Friday March 4, 2022 (9:30 – 11:00AM Pacific Time)
Sampling Hydrothermal Fluids: Some Options [Details and Registration Information Forthcoming]

Rika Anderson (Carleton College)
Julie Huber (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Susan Lang (University of South Carolina)
Michael Rappé (University of Hawaii)
The fluids that circulate through the oceanic crust can provide valuable windows to the microbiology and geochemistry of the subseafloor, but can be challenging to collect in sufficient volume and without contamination. We will discuss the many different types of samplers that are available for sampling hydrothermal fluids with submersibles, and the costs and benefits of the different approaches.


Friday April 1, 2022 (9:30 – 11:00AM Pacific Time)
Anvi’o Bioinformatics Platform [Details and Registration Information Forthcoming]
A. Murat Eren (Meren), Marine Biological Laboratory & University of Chicago

Previous Meetings

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Organizing Committee

If you are an early career researcher (student, postdoc, junior faculty, etc.) who would like to help coordinate these events, please contact us!

Sajjad Akam, Iowa State University
James Bradley, Queen Mary University of London
Joy Buongiorno, Maryville College
Beth Orcutt, C-DEBI Senior Scientist, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Rosalynn Sylvan, C-DEBI Managing Director, University of Southern California