Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is seeking a postdoctoral researcher for the Emerson lab to take part in a study of iron-cycling in the Arctic tundra. The primary goal of this project is to better understand microbial communities associated with iron-oxidation and reduction in the permafrost active layer. Specifically we will address how biogenic iron oxides impact the carbon cycle principally through interactions with methane production and consumption. The work will combine cultivation-independent field approaches with mesocosm studies conducted in the laboratory. The data acquired will also be used in modeling efforts to gain a better understanding of ecosystem processes related to microbial iron metabolism and methane production. Candidates should have strong microbial ecology skills with a demonstrated ability for field and/or laboratory work; experience with, or a willingness to learn a programming language such as R or Matlab is a plus. The project will involve extended stays at the Toolik Field Station, a remote field station on Alaska’s north slope. The candidate must be able to lift 50 lbs. of gear, and be capable of extended hikes in difficult terrain. This is a two-year position with possibility of extension for a third year. Candidates with an interest in making a career of Arctic-related microbiology are encouraged to apply. Consideration of candidates will begin October 10, 2018; start dates will need to be several months prior to the 2019 field season.