The Geophysical Laboratory invites applications for Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellowships. Current research at the Geophysical Laboratory falls primarily within three overlapping thematic areas: Earth and Planetary Science, Astrobiology and the Origin of Life, and the Chemistry and Physics of Materials at Extreme Conditions. Synergies among these thematic areas, as well as links to many closely related research pursuits at Carnegie’s co-located Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, provide Carnegie Fellows with exceptional opportunities for collaboration. Investigations in earth and planetary sciences focus on the origin and evolution of earth and the terrestrial planets, core formation in planetary bodies, planetary melting and differentiation and the structure and dynamics of planetary interiors. Astrobiology focuses on the conditions and reactions necessary for life to emerge and be sustained on planetary bodies and the detection of life on and in extraterrestrial objects and ancient earth. Studies of the physics and chemistry of materials focus on understanding material behavior at extreme conditions, and the development of new synthesis pathways for novel materials and the design of property-specific materials from first principles. Completed applications for a Carnegie fellowship should be submitted no later than December 1, 2019.