Project Title Collaborative Research: Completing single- and cross-hole hydrgeologic and microbial experiments: Juan de Fuca Flank
Acronym JdF Flank
Created October 29, 2015
Modified December 21, 2018

Project Description

NSF Award Abstract:
In 2010, IODP exp. 327 launched series of experiments based on instrumentation placed in 6 boreholes (Holes 1026B, 1027C, 1301A, 1301B, 1362A, and 1362B) on and near the Juan de Fuca Ridge (JDFR). The experiments were designed to examine hydrological and biological processes in basaltic ocean crust. Major issues to be addressed include overall permeability, the magnitudes, velocity and directions of fluid, solute,and heat transport,constraints on the fluid storage properties of crust, determining how fluid reservoirs respond to seismic perturbations, and investigating the variability, diversity, and metabolism of resident microbial populations. This project will recover sensors and samplers in the instrumented boreholes(CORKs),access data and samples, collect biological incubators placed at depth within the boreholes, and seal the CORKs. All of these activities are needed for the completion of the JDFR experiments

Once the data and samples are retrieved, the PI’s will develop new numerical models for the hydrology (permeability, thickness and extent of permeable zones, connectivity, direction of flow, and anisotropy) of ocean crust based on the results of flow tests. T sensors will enable thermal structure to be determined in conjunction with flow parameters. DNA will be analyzed via 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) genes as well as select full-length Sanger-style sequencing and gene fingerprinting techniques. The PI’s will look at diversity, shared species, emergence and disappearance of groups. Metagenomic work will be done on some samples.

Broader Impacts include training of 4 shipboard educators, with an emphasis on recruiting underrepresented groups for these positions, teacher workshops, and special training for undergraduate and graduate students and post-docs. Research team includes grads, undergrads, and post-docs

Data Project Maintainers

Charles Geoffrey WheatUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF-IMS)Lead Principal Investigator
Katrina J. EdwardsUniversity of California-Santa Barbara (UCSB)Principal Investigator
Andrew T. FisherUniversity of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (UM-RSMAS)Principal Investigator
Jordan F. ClarkUniversity of Southern California (USC)Principal Investigator
Keir BeckerUniversity of California-Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz)Principal Investigator
Michael S. RappéUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa (HIMB)Co-Principal Investigator