Message from the Director:

Congratulations to Dr. Andy Fisher, C-DEBI Co-Investigator, recognized by the University of California Santa Cruz with the 2016-17 Excellence in Teaching Award (one of seven university-wide).

And good luck to our newest deep biosphere researchers getting started in C-DEBI’s summer Education & Diversity programs! These include our Community College Cultivation Cohort (C4) REU at USC, where community college students cultivate and characterize unknown microbes from the deep; the Community College Research Internship for Scientific Engagment (CC-RISE ) for community college students at WHOI and UCSC; the Geobiology and Genomics Undergraduate Research Experience (GGURE) internship at USC; the undergraduate, field-based Global Environmental Microbiology Course at USC and Wrigley Institute; the Summer Marine Lab Experience for high school students from across the country at Wrigley; and the Seafloor Science ROV day camp for elementary and Jr. High students at several locations in the Monterey Bay area.


Jan Amend
C-DEBI Director