Scientific ocean drilling is central to the study of Earth’s climate history, tectonic evolution, geohazards, and deep biosphere. In an effort to foster a larger, more dynamic, and more diverse ocean drilling community, we encourage early career researchers to apply to this workshop, Demystifying the IODP Proposal Process for Early Career Scientists: Pacific Ocean. The workshop will begin with a series of speakers explaining the structure of IODP and how early career scientists can become involved in IODP activities, from sailing to expedition proposals. Then, workshop participants will work on the initial stages of developing real drilling proposals in the Pacific Ocean, where the JOIDES Resolution is expected to be operating beginning in 2023-2024. We aim to attract a diverse array of specialists (in geophysics, paleoceanography, deep biosphere, tectonics, etc.) to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations. Workshop participation support is available from the U.S. Science Support Program for IODP, for a limited number of graduate students and early career researchers (i.e., those who have completed their PhD within the past 10 years) from U.S. institutions and organizations. The deadline to submit has been extended to November 6, 2019.