For 2020, the U.S. Science Support Program in association with IODP is seeking new U.S.-based members for the U.S. Advisory Committee for Scientific Drilling (USAC) and the Science Evaluation Panel (SEP), as well as one senior U.S.-based scientist to serve on the JOIDES Resolution Facility Board (JRFB). All new members will serve three-year terms, beginning in October 2020. Scientific disciplines particularly needed for SEP this year include paleoceanography / paleoclimate, hydrology, geomechanics, structural geology & tectonics, marine geology & geophysics, sedimentology / stratigraphy, and geochemistry. For USAC, USSSP seeks expertise in all scientific disciplines relevant to IODP. Candidates for the JRFB should have an extensive history of participation in scientific ocean drilling. We encourage the involvement of early and mid-career scientists on USAC and SEP, as well as those with more experience. Scientists interested in volunteering for these opportunities should apply by July 10, 2020.