We seek a postdoctoral scholar who can make a fundamental contribution to marine mineral research. Proposed work may use either archival samples (extensive USGS and other sample sets exist), or propose the collection of new samples, as feasible. Proposed work may focus in any of the following areas: (1) experimental studies regarding the environmental consequences of marine mineral extraction, (2) targeted speciation and extractability studies of marine critical minerals, (3) estimates of marine minerals within the context of global mineral resources, including terrestrial minerals, (4) statistical analyses of existing marine mineral datasets, (5) relating terrestrial and marine minerals in adjacent settings or (6) developing geophysical techniques to detect or study marine minerals. Other topics may be of interest. In particular, we welcome applications that cross disciplinary boundaries between marine science and geology, and applications that focus on the distribution, extent, or relevance of critical minerals in marine mineral deposits. Proposals that tie in the Earth MRI framework (Hofstra and Kreiner, 2020) are also welcome. These positions are competitive and filled based on availability of funds and qualified applicants; the deadline for submission of applications, which include research proposals, will be January 4, 2021.