The 1st International Workshop on Methane Hydrate R&D was held in March 2001 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The primary objective of that and subsequent workshops was to provide a forum where hydrate researchers and stakeholders could freely exchange information and identify research priorities in an effort to promote collaboration. Subsequent workshops have been held, on average, every 1.5 years in different countries including the U.S., Chile, Canada, the U.K., Norway, New Zealand, Japan, and India. This effort has resulted in a broad range of field and laboratory research pertaining to gas hydrate distributions, stability and formation, and contribution to climate change and coastal ocean carbon cycling. Based on previous workshop foci and developments in this field over the last 16 years, the 11th workshop will focus on: 1) Gas Hydrate Energy: exploration, production, and economics; 2) Methane and Climate Change: Arctic, Antarctic and regions in between; 3) Natural and Anthropogenic Warming Contributions to Coastal and Industrial Platform Stability; and 4) Carbon dioxide injection for methane acquisition and sequestration. We hope that previous participants in this workshop series, as well as other interested parties, will be able to join us in Corpus Christi this winter December 6th through 8th, 2017. The Workshop website is under construction and is expected to be operational May 2017. The 2nd Announcement will be distributed electronically once the website is up, and will include information on registration, logistics, and a call for abstracts. Questions? Please email Workshop Liaison Mrs. Alessandra Garcia at