Researchers and scientists are needed to make the most of our exploration by transforming the data and samples collected into discoveries! You can participate live via telepresence with Exploration Vessel Nautilus as we explore the Eastern Pacific Ocean along the US West Coast and within the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. Registration is now open for Ocean Exploration Trust’s Scientist Ashore Program to receive full access to planning calls and detailed information about each of our 2021 expeditions. Researchers from all sectors, undergraduate, community college, and graduate students, and early career scientists are encouraged to register. The general public, including educators and students of all ages, are encouraged to watch our live stream and send in questions to our team on watch. Registration as a Scientist Ashore will allow you to engage with science teams in the planning and at-sea phases of our programs and receive updates from the field during expeditions. To receive details on an introductory webinar in late-February, register by February 18, 2021.