Sedimenticola selenatireducens strain AK4OH1T (= DSM 17993T = ATCC BAA-1233T) is a microaerophilic bacterium isolated from sediment from the Arthur Kill intertidal strait between New Jersey and Staten Island, NY. S. selenatireducens is Gram-negative and belongs to the Gammaproteobacteria. Strain AK4OH1T was the first representative of its genus to be isolated for its unique coupling of the oxidation of aromatic acids to the respiration of selenate. It is a versatile heterotroph and can use a variety of carbon compounds, but can also grow lithoautotrophically under hypoxic and anaerobic conditions. The draft genome comprises 4,588,530 bp and 4276 predicted protein-coding genes including genes for the anaerobic degradation of 4-hydroxybenzoate and benzoate. Here we report the main features of the genome of S. selenatireducensstrain AK4OH1T.