Featuring C-DEBI Researchers and Educators Frank Robb, Christopher Petrone, Jennifer Biddle and Rosa Leon Zayas.

The average human adult contains 10 trillion human cells, but has 100 trillion microbes on their skin, hair and mouth and in their intestines. Most of these microbes are beneficial – they protect us from harmful bacteria, help us digest food and can even help change our mood.

Microbes are also found living in the sediments up to 1.5 miles below the sea floor, invisible to the naked eye and most ordinary microscopes, yet they play an important role in this underwater ecosystem.

Delaware Sea Grant (DESG), in partnership with the National Science Foundation-funded Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations (C-DEBI), has expanded its collection of 15 Second Science videos and developed other multimedia educational resources to explore the deep biosphere and sub-seafloor life.