In conjunction with  a team of international colleagues, the ANZIC members have proposed a major regional IODP workshop (SW Pacific, Southern and eastern Indian Oceans) to be held in Sydney in June 2017. The goal of the workshop is to trigger development of new IODP proposals and reinvigorate existing, compelling proposals. The workshop will be an opportunity to entrain a new generation of young scientists to work collaboratively to plan a new phase of ocean drilling in the Australasian region. The workshop will cover all possible IODP platforms, not just the JOIDES Resolution. European-funded alternative platforms are suitable for work in shallow-water reefal areas and on the Antarctic continental shelf. There is considerable optimism that IODP Proposal 871, for the use of the Chikyu to drill deep into the Cretaceous on the Lord Howe Rise, will soon come to fruition and provide strong encouragement for those hoping to use the Chikyu elsewhere in the Australasian region. This workshop is co-funded through a workshop award from the U.S. Science Support Program (USSSP), the IODP Program Member Office for the U.S. This special call invites applications from early career researchers (PhD students and post-docs) from U.S. institutions. It is anticipated that 5 to 6 early career researchers can receive travel support to join the workshop. Applications due April 17, 2017.