The University of South Florida College of Marine Science, located in Saint Petersburg, Florida, is actively seeking to fill two open rank positions in oceanography. 1) We seek a Geological Oceanographer whose research complements the strengths of the current faculty. We seek a hypothesis-driven scientist who uses a process-based approach to understand problems central to the ocean and its connections to the Earth systems. The candidate will use innovative techniques to investigate the effects of environmental change on the evolution of the stratigraphic record over a broad range of spatial and temporal scales. 2) We seek a Chemical Oceanographer who will contribute to an understanding of the ocean/climate system, from basic disciplinary topics to ecosystems analyses. Qualified candidates will employ modern tools of multi-disciplinary science to understand regional and global issues critical to the ocean system. The positions are open until filled, however, priority review of applications will begin by August 1, 2018. Appointment is anticipated to commence August 1, 2019.