Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is seeking two postdoctoral researchers to lead studies that tie cell-specific genome data to expressed functions (genome to phenome) such that rates of environmental processes can be coupled to specific microbial lineages. This work integrates cutting-edge approaches in field studies of marine and continental microbiomes, laboratory experimentation and bioinformatics. The primary focus of position #1, co-advised by Drs. Stepanauskas and Poulton, will be on the studies of marine bacterioplankton and the integration of flow cytometry and genomics of individual cells. The primary focus of position #2, co-advised by Drs. Orcutt and Emerson, will be on studies of the deep biosphere and the calibration of single cell activity and physiology measurements using laboratory cultures. Both hired scientists will be engaged in a collaborative, multi-institutional project that also includes the University of New Hampshire and the Desert Research Institute. Candidates must have a PhD degree in a relevant field and prior experience in environmental microbiology and genomics. Research will be conducted primarily at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in East Boothbay, Maine. Opportunities for fieldwork may be available but are not required. Applications due November 1, 2018.