The Department of Earth and Environmental Science and the Center for Energy Research at the University of Pennsylvania seek graduate students interested in any of the following research areas: geomicrobiology, ecology, microbe-microbe and microbe-mineral interactions, biogeochemistry, ecophysiology and bioenergetics. Potential projects include: i) Microbial remediation of asbestos– This project provides the opportunity to interrogate microbe-mineral interactions in human-disposed minerals. 
ii) Bioenergetic principles of energy metabolism– This project will focus on the ecophysiology of hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis and/or Fe(III) reduction from marine geothermal environments. 
iii) Taxonomic classification– Isolation and characterization of novel chemosynthetic microorganisms from anoxic environments. 
The prospective students will be expected to work at the interface between geology, chemistry, and biology. If interested in learning more about this opportunity please contact Ileana Pérez- Rodríguez at: