The Shanghai Research Center of Hadal Science and Engineering Technology (HAST) of Shanghai Ocean University invites applications for two faculty positions. 1) Analytical Scientist: seeking an expert in analytical mass spectrometry and preferably, with prior experience in high resolution accurate mass spectrometry. The successful applicant will be responsible for maintenance support and day-to-day operations of an ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometer, the Panorama, which will be delivered to HAST in late 2018. Preference will be given to individuals with a proven track record and a combination of skills in laboratory management, instrument troubleshooting, data handling and method development. Extensive experience in the operation of on-line sample preparation, maintenance of vacuum systems, and diagnosis of instrument mechanical and electronic problems is also desired. 2) Research Scientist: We are seeking a highly motivated, collaborative, research scientist for a lab-based position in clumped isotope science. The scientist’s principal responsibility is the design, development, validation and implementation of analytical procedures utilizing the Panorama. This scientist is expected to have a proven track record in clumped isotope research and high productivity in research and publishing. For both positions, applicants should possess a Ph.D. in isotope science or related fields. Applications will continue to be accepted until all available positions are filled.