The NSF-sponsored Expanding Deep Sea Horizons: Scientific Priorities in Abyssal Research workshop is set to kick off TOMORROW. As a reminder, the workshop is an opportunity for the trans-disciplinary deep sea research community to gather to discuss the key scientific opportunities at abyssal science and the technologies needed to address them. With HOV Alvin completing it’s upgrade in the coming year, the US research community will now have two submersibles capable of diving to 6500m. The workshop is designed to fit within everyone’s busy schedules. There will be three topical workshops (see below) that last 1.5 hours each. The workshops will be entirely devoted to small-group discussion based on pre-recorded presentations by subject matter experts. Presentations will be uploaded to the workshop website several days before the workshop. Each workshop will be held at twice (10am Eastern, 2pm Pacific) so that you can easily fit it into your day. Please register for each of the topical workshops at the time that is best for you using the links below, or visit the workshop website.
  • June 16, 2020:Abyssal Plains & Seamounts [ Register 10am Eastern | Register 2pm Pacific ]
    Speakers: Tim Shank (WHOI), Jasper Konter (SOEST, U. Hawaii), Steve D’Hondt (GSO, U. Rhode Island), Jill McDermott (Lehigh U.)
  • June 30, 2020:Trenches & Transforms [ Register 10am EasternRegister 2pm Pacific ]
    Speakers: Patty Fryer (SOEST, U. Hawaii), Chris German (WHOI), Karen Rogers (Rensellear Polytechnic Inst.), Julie Huber (WHOI), Jeff Drazen (SOEST, U. Hawaii)
  • July 7, 2020:Abyssal Technology & Societal Relevance [ Register 10am EasternRegister 2pm Pacific ] Speakers: Pete Girguis (Harvard), Beth Orcutt (Bigelow Marine Lab), Bruce Strickrott (WHOI), Diva Amon (London NHM)