In 2020, HOV Alvin will undergo the final steps to achieve a depth rating of 6500m that will allow the workhorse human-occupied submersible to reach 97% of the ocean floor. We will be hosting a series of online and in-person workshops to allow the community to discuss the science priorities at abyssal depths for Alvin and other deep-diving vehicles. The outcomes of the workshops will include a manuscript defining abyssal research priorities and a white-paper guiding science verification activities for the newly-capable submarine (anticipated for 2021). Please take a few minutes to complete the survey linked below. In addition to helping set the agenda for the workshop, your input will enable us to ensure that you are kept informed as the timing of the workshops solidifies. We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to convene our community for interdisciplinary discussions of deep submergence science, and hope that we will see you there!