The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) at Texas A&M University is seeking a qualified individual to oversee curation efforts in support of JOIDES Resolution expeditions and the IODP Gulf Coast Core Repository. The Curator is responsible for oversight of the IODP core and sample collections at the Gulf Coast Repository (GCR) and on JOIDES Resolution expeditions, conservation of the core collection for future use, and supervision of all personnel and activities in the Gulf Coast Repository. The Curator is also expected to develop innovative uses of the core collection and repository. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience in a supervisory/management position, including experience with financial, programmatic, reporting, and personnel management. We prefer a background in project management, curation, and familiarity with IODP core curation policies. In addition, the Curator may sail on IODP expeditions if curation support is required. Although the Curator is not expected to sail routinely, the ability to sail is mandatory. At sea, the Curator will be responsible for creating a sampling plan for each site, processing cores as they are received, and training and supervision of the science party in IODP curatorial practice. We will begin reviewing applications on April 1, 2017, but will continue to accept applications until candidates are selected for interviews.