The Department of Mineral Sciences invites applications for the position of Research Geologist in biomineralogy. Preference will be given to those whose primary research focuses on study of and understanding biologically-mediated minerals and/or biologically-mediated mineral processes using existing or new techniques typically employed in the field of mineralogy or environmental mineralogy. Examples include but are not limited to the impacts of microbial or other biological activity on mineral alteration, mineral weathering, corrosion, mineralization, mineral formation, and metal redox transformations. The selected candidate will be expected to build an outstanding research program, and contribute to the growth and curation of the National Mineral Collection, particularly in the area of biominerals and other environmentally relevant minerals. Applicants should fully utilize the existing analytical strengths of the Dept. of Mineral Sciences, with instrumentation that includes field emission electron microprobe, field emission variable pressure analytical SEM, XRD, FTIR, fluid inclusion heating/freezing unit, cathodoluminescence microscope and spectrometer, biomineralogy laboratory, and experimental high-pressure and hydrothermal laboratories. Application deadline: November 11, 2016.