The Blue Marble Space Institute of Science has an opening for a postdoctoral scholar with interests in evolutionary protein biochemistry and geochemistry. The position is available immediately. The successful candidate will work in a collaborative and multi-institutional group which seeks to test and develop hypotheses related to the role of thioester chemistry in nascent life and the chemical networks that proceeded living systems. A primary target will be to determine enzyme specific kinetic isotope fractionation factors by purifying enzymes and conducting isotope ratio mass spectrometry measurements of substrate and product. Experience in anaerobic protein purification and manipulation is highly desirable. This project results from a recent NSF/NASA Ideas lab, and the position is made possible through the NSF Emerging Frontiers Crosscutting Activities Program (Award Abstract 1724300). The position is extendable beyond one year. The successful candidate will benefit from working together and sharing research results and ideas collaboratively within our diverse group. The primary workplace of the successful candidate will be the Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) at the Tokyo Institute of Technology with supervision from Shawn McGlynn and regular interactions with group members including Betul Kacar (University of Arizona), Boswell Wing (CU Boulder), Chris Butch (BMSIS/ELSI), Chris House (Penn State) and Daniel Segrè (Boston University).