The Orsi lab at the University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München) is searching for a postdoctoral scholar within the framework of a newly funded project on microbial transcriptional activity in subseafloor sediment. The position involves the extraction and analysis of DNA and RNA from a high number of samples in order to constrain shared and unique biochemical subsistence strategies of subseafloor life. Desired skills in the ideal candidate are experience working with DNA and RNA from low biomass samples, and experience with bioinformatic analysis of large datasets of next generation sequencing data. The city of Munich is located less than 1 hour from the alps and hosts a vibrant and intellectually stimulating academic environment, that includes major Geoscience centers such as the Munich GeoCenter, Munich GeoBio Center, and Origins of Life Munich initiative. The position includes full benefits and is for two years, with the possibility for extension of an additional year (total of 3 years).  The position also comes with the possibility (albeit not a requirement) for lecturing at the Bachelors and Masters level, depending on the candidates interests. Interested candidates should submit informal inquiries to Prof. Dr. William D. Orsi (