Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is seeking a qualified and highly motivated individual for a postdoctoral research scientist position. The hired scientist will work on a project investigating the diversity and dynamics of viruses, as well as the effect of viruses on phytoplankton in marine-derived lakes of the Vestfold Hills in Antarctica ( These “natural laboratories” allow examination of microbial processes and interactions that would be difficult to characterize elsewhere on earth. This project does not require fieldwork in Antarctica. Instead, it will leverage already collected and archived samples that have concurrent measurements of physicochemical information. This project will also capitalize on approximately 2 terabyte of Next Generation Sequencing, including metagenomes, SSU rRNA amplicons and single virus genomes (this project) generated through an ongoing collaborative effort with other institutions. The project is led by Dr. Joaquín Martínez Martínez, and utilizes cutting-edge molecular technologies, and takes advantage of significant bioinformatics support and computational resources at Bigelow Laboratory. Applicants must have a PhD degree or post-degree experience in relevant fields, such as environmental microbiology/virology, bioinformatics, and oceanography. Additional preferred qualifications include working knowledge in one or more of the following techniques: Flow Cytometry, nucleic acids purification, quantitative PCR, whole-genome amplification, and sequencing. Review of applicants will begin immediately and proceed until the position is filled.