Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to study planetary-scale interactions among the evolutionary, biogeochemical and biogeographic processes of marine bacterioplankton, taking advantage of a unique, massive dataset of single cell genomes. The hired scientist will join Dr. Stepanauskas’ research group and will be engaged in collaborations with Dr. Penny Chisholm’s group (MIT) and other partners. The postdoctoral scientists at Bigelow Laboratory have access to an active professional training program and possibilities for undergraduate student mentoring and teaching. Candidates must have either a PhD degree or a PhD ABD in a relevant field and demonstrated experience in microbial genomics, environmental microbiology and evolutionary biology. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to work harmoniously in a collaborative research team are crucial. The position is offered for a period of two years. We want to fill this position as soon as possible, but the start date may be negotiated. Applicants should submit the following to our online application portal by February 11, 2019.