Applications are invited for a postdoctoral research scholar to work in collaboration with the Trembath-Reichert lab in extreme environment microbiology ( The Trembath-Reichert lab uses cutting edge techniques to tease out signals of life in the most extreme environments on Earth to better understand limits to life and the microbial role in global biogeochemical cycles. Our laboratory offers a highly interdisciplinary, welcoming, and inclusive environment with the opportunity to collaborate with other labs at ASU and beyond. On-going projects are focused on studying life at the polyextremes of temperature, pressure, salinity, low water activity, and low nutrient availability. Specific opportunities are available to extend previous work on marine hydrothermal or Antarctic ecosystems. Opportunities to develop new projects and lead proposals along the theme of extreme environment microbiology are also available. Deadline for initial review of complete applications will be April 22, 2022.