Scripps Institution of Oceanography invites scientists from the US oceanographic community to participate in Science Verification Cruises (SVCs) aboard the Ocean Class research vessel Sally Ride beginning in the fall of 2016. The goal of SVCs is to exercise the ship, the crew, and all scientific systems to verify satisfactory operations, and to characterize the capabilities of each system. Our SVC operations are intended to be complementary to SVCs aboard Neil Armstrong, in order to evaluate the Ocean Class vessels (AGOR 27 & 28) collectively. To be successful, this process needs participation by experienced researchers who can use their knowledge of shipboard scientific operations to evaluate, comment on, and improve the capabilities of Sally Ride. Science verification cruises will be conducted offshore southern California, lasting five to seven days each. We currently have availability in October 2016 and early January 2017. We anticipate additional opportunities in 2017, contingent on ship scheduling. We are seeking broad expressions of interest and scientific foci to inform our early planning. Funds are available to support the travel and logistical expenses of participants. Ship time will be supported by the Office of Naval Research.