Greetings! Our annual call for research, fellowship, and education proposals is posted!  We continue to support research grants and graduate student and postdoctoral fellowships that will significantly advance C-DEBI’s central research agenda to investigate the subseafloor biosphere deep in marine sediment and oceanic crust, including on “expeditions of opportunity.” C-DEBI education & outreach grants will continue to fund the development of educational opportunities and materials that are pertinent to deep biosphere research in the subseafloor environment in support of our education and outreach goal to create distinctive, targeted education programs and promote increased public awareness about life below the seafloor. C-DEBI welcomes proposals from applicants who would enhance diversity in C-DEBI and STEM fields. Note, we have moved up the deadline for this call to December 1, 2016 to provide ample time for review by the anticipated notification date.

I look forward to continued, strong engagement by the community through our many C-DEBI programs and activities.


Jan Amend
C-DEBI Director