The Marine Geosciences Section is looking to hire two new Science Assistants, one for the Marine Geology and Geophysics (MGG) Program and one for the Chemical Oceanography (CO) Program. The Science Assistant will work with either the MGG Program Officers or the CO Program Officers, as well as others in the Division of Ocean Sciences, providing service of value to the Programs and simultaneously developing an understanding of key aspects of the science and engineering enterprise that will be valuable to a future professional scientific career. Science Assistants help to manage the Program’s merit review process and award oversight activities, as well as participate in other developmental assignments including report preparation, working with other parts of NSF and other government agencies, and exchanging information with the scientific research community. Please pass the word along to students or others who might be interested. The ideal candidate will have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in marine geosciences or marine biogeochemistry. Backgrounds in other fields of ocean sciences or earth sciences will also be considered. The preferred start date is January 2020, and the position will be for a maximum duration of two years. Statements of interest will be accepted until November 15, 2019.