Dear C-DEBI Colleagues,

Last month we urged you to fill out the JR Renewal Online Survey. You all reacted in great numbers; with a total of 876 survey takers (for all of IODP participants, including 410 from the U.S.) we are showcasing the great, wide and enthusiastic interest in IODP utilizing the JR. Thank you so much!

However, the survey was only the first step in the two-step JR Renewal process. Now we need your PARTICPATION in the Denver 2 Meeting that is officially called the JOIDES Resolution Assessment Workshop! This workshop will bring together close to 80 scientists with strong interests and/or experience in IODP, from all career stages and from all U.S. institutions. We are hoping for a strong showing from deep biosphere colleagues to represent our interests in future IODP Expeditions. SEE THE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS AND PLEASE APPLY SOON (Deadline for application is TOMORROW, June 2nd)!!!

From the perspective of the JOIDES Resolution Facility Board (JRFB) this workshop is critically important for renewal:

  1. It will provide key evidence that the U.S. community is completely satisfied with the operation and management of the JR during the period of 2014-2017;
  2. It will express powerfully the continued need for and unique use of the JR as part of the larger IODP program;
  3. It will give a strong voice to the U.S. community in proposing novel plans for the JR for operations in the last five years of the 2013-2023 IODP Program.

The results of the Denver 1 Workshop in 2012 allowed NSF to successfully secure approval by the National Science Board (NSB) for starting the 2013-2019 portion of the current IODP program. However, it also provided the ingredients for a new business and operational model that now has been implemented (to great success) by the JRFB. As always, your PARTICIPATION, ENERGY AND IDEAS are key to making Denver 2 the greatest possible success!!!

Thank you, and all the best,
Jason Sylvan & Jennifer Biddle.