The ocean drilling program in the U.S. stands at a critical junction. Not only does the drilling program need to be renewed in October 2024, but the D/V JOIDES Resolution is reaching the end of its utility, and a new vessel needs to be designed and built. Leaders from thirteen U.S. oceanographic institutions have come together in the US – Scientific Ocean Drilling Alliance (US-SODA) to express their strongest support for continuing to fund scientific ocean drilling and for the lease or acquisition of a newly built global-ranging riserless U.S. drilling vessel. At this moment, there are three immediate actions where you can provide help and support: 1) sign the petition and get as many of your colleagues/peers to sign as well; 2) work with your institution’s leadership to consider sending in a letter to NSF expressing strong support for scientific ocean drilling; and/or 3) join US-SODA as a supporting institution by July 1, 2022.