The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Data Manager (DM) is a technical leader with a high degree of knowledge in geo-sciences and recognized expert in scientific ocean drilling. The incumbent will apply extensive knowledge as a research professional with an in-depth understanding of scientific data, statistics and analysis of on site data recorded in seafloor sediments and rocks and will monitor sub-seafloor environments. As needed, act as a team lead in scientific ocean drilling and multidisciplinary research collaboration of broad scope and complexity. In addition, the position will support on-going efforts to improve data management procedures and the development of decision support tools. The position will contribute and lead scientific journal publications. In collaboration with the Executive Director/Principal Investigator of the Science Support Office, the DM serves a critical and visible role in the IODP management structure. Provide consultation, direction, and advice to research teams and proposal authors, who comprise over one thousand researchers affiliated with about 200 institutions worldwide, in developing and evaluating scientific data sets that support IODP drilling proposals. Formulate strategies to ensure the quality and timely review of site characterization data submitted to the IODP Site Survey Data Bank (SSDB) and serve as the primary Subject Matter Expert (SME) on data in meetings of the IODP Facility Boards and their subsidiaries. Formulate and administer policies and processes in the main Task Areas of the IODP Science Support Office and independently interact with the eight international IODP Program Member Offices to manage their participation in the IODP advisory structure. Filing Deadline extended to: February 7, 2020.