The European Consortium of Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) is now accepting applications from active leading scientists from ECORD and the US to serve as Science Board Members of the ECORD Facility Board, the key forum for planning mission-specific platform (MSP) expeditions operated by ECORD. The primary tasks of the EFB are to: (1) recommend MSP expedition schedules, based on ready-to-drill, high-priority science proposals, optimal geographic distribution and costs; (2) assess the Annual ECORD Plan, including operations schedule, data management, publications, core curation, and scientific technical development; (3) advise on long-term planning of MSP expeditions; (4) participate in ECORD reviews of completed MSP expeditions; and (5) liaise with all major entities of IODP. The EFB meets once a year, usually in early spring. The new EFB members are expected to serve for three years, starting 1 January 2017. Travel costs for EFB-related activities are fully covered by the relevant IODP national funding organizations. Application deadline: December 2, 2016.