This one-hour gathering is a Q&A session to inform the IODP community. It’s your chance to ask questions about IODP and JR through 2024! Panelists Clive Neal (JRFB), Brad Clement (JRSO), Marta Torres (USAC), Jamie Allan (NSF), and Carl Brenner (USSSP) will answer questions about scheduling and operations of the JOIDES Resolution through 2024, and provide information about the outlook for activities and support within the current IODP (to 2023/2024). We welcome questions from everyone in the IODP community and anyone interested in IODP. All topics related to the JR through 2024 are fair game – and you can send a question even if you can’t attend the live event by emailing the USSSP Office at,. A recording will be posted on the USSSP page. Register in advance for the meeting on April 28, 2021 at 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern Time.