For researchers seeking an expert-guided, collaborative microbiome research partner, Second Genome Solutions offers high-quality, end-to-end research services which goes well beyond sequencing data to deliver clear insights into the microbiome. With focus and expertise unmatched by other service providers and most academic centers, Second Genome Solutions’ Microbiome Profiling Services enables breakthrough discoveries in microbiome science for all life scientists. As a member of our Research Solutions group, the bioinformatics analyst will be responsible for working with academic and industrial researchers to deliver highly insightful microbial community analyses across a host of different life science applications. The candidate should be broadly conversant with bioinformatics techniques for ‘omic data analysis and be interested in applying these techniques to microbiome studies. Proficiency in R is a must; other software development experience is a plus but not required. Candidate will be responsible for spearheading collaborative analyses of 16S data will engage directly with external researchers to understand their goals and design an analysis plan to support study objectives.