The School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) invites applications for an Assistant Professor with expertise in geobiology and/or biogeochemistry. Anticipated start date is August 2018. We desire a candidate who (1) addresses fundamental questions in the interdependence of biological and geochemical processes on Earth and other habitable planets, and (2) can develop collaborations with other closely affiliated research programs in SESE (possibilities include astrobiology, geochemistry, ecosystem dynamics, hydrology, geodynamics, planetary science, and surface processes). We are interested in individuals showing capacities to bridge research in biological and geological processes. Examples include combining the geologic and genomic records to reveal the history of geobiological processes, harnessing molecular methods to track energy and material flows in active ecosystems, and theoretical developments related to the origin and evolution of life. The successful candidate will be expected to conduct research in biological and geochemical processes, teach at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and participate in service activities in the school, college and university. Initial deadline for receipt of complete applications is November 20, 2017.