The Earth Surface Science group at Queen Mary University of London are seeking a 36-month postdoc with expertise in terrestrial biogeochemical modelling. This post is part of an exciting new collaborative project with CU Boulder, U Utah, Montana Tech & British Geological Survey, investigating the fate of Arctic soil following glacier retreat. Glacier retreat is exposing pioneer Arctic soils that host a dynamic ecosystem and act as biogeochemical reactors. The aim of this project is to improve the understanding of how seasonal processes contribute to the long-term (i.e. multi-decadal) development of Arctic soils. The PDRA will develop, implement and apply a new fully coupled biogeochemical-geophysical model for pioneer Arctic soils. These activities are linked to a larger project whose wider ambition is to achieve continuous year-round monitoring of dynamic processes using a network of buried geophysical sensors in a High-Arctic glacier forefield, and repeated field monitoring of soil biogeochemical processes via state-of-the-art molecular techniques. Numerical modelling will be instrumental in forming mechanistic linkages between seasonal variations, and soil biogeochemical, geophysical and hydrogeological processes over multi-decadal timescales, as well as to capture and explore year-round dynamics of Arctic soils, and conduct predictive modelling of the future fate of Arctic soils following large-scale ice retreat and climate warming. Model development and calibration will make use of field datasets that will be collected during year-round fieldwork campaigns throughout 2020 and 2021, There will be opportunities for the PDRA to participate in project-related fieldwork activities in Svalbard. The PDRA will work within a multidisciplinary team with significant strengths in environmental-biogeochemistry, modelling, geomicrobiology, and geophysical sensing – and thus develop an interdisciplinary skill set, and collaborate nationally and internationally. Deadline: Apply before March 20, 2020 for full consideration. The position will remain open until filled.