The Bioinformatics Virtual Coordination Network (BVCN) presents “Holistic Bioinformatic Approaches used in Microbiome Research”, a step-by-step open access conference showcasing state-of-the-art bioinformatics pipelines for microbiome research to be held June 7-11, 2021. This online conference will bring together early career researchers from across the globe who are equally committed to reducing entry barriers into bioinformatics for researchers, and who would like to exchange and share their research and bioinformatics experiences in a step-by-step format with a global and interdisciplinary audience. The BVCN was established to facilitate entry of researchers in environmental and biomedical sciences into computational biology. To further this goal, this upcoming conference is designed to provide a platform for showcasing bioinformatic projects from inception to publication. The holistic analysis of data intensive projects may contain many steps that are not covered in the tutorials or documented in the methods section of publications – our speakers will try and capture these elements in their presentations. Registration is due April 14, 2021.