The DOE Scholars Program is designed to provide opportunities and attract talented undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates to appointments that are carefully designed to help prepare participants towards the full range of entry and mid-level research, technical and professional positions within DOE and organizations that support the DOE mission.  DOE Scholars Program will introduce highly qualified students and postgraduates to DOE missions, functions, and operations. You will receive a stipend for your living expenses during this educational experience. Payments rates are determined by DOE, and are based on your educational level, skills, and experience. The minimum stipend for undergraduates is $ 600/week and $650/week graduate students and recent graduates. Travel reimbursement of inbound and outbound costs up to $1,000 for participants who live more than fifty miles, one-way, from the assigned hosting site. Depending on your project assignment, duration of appointment and funding availability, you may be eligible to receive an allowance for travel and training. Application deadline: January 3, 2020.