The 2017 Science Showcase Video Contest celebrates the best in researcher-created science videos. A staggering number of people use YouTube — over 200 million in the U.S. alone – many of whom are passionate about science. Yet there are remarkably few researchers making videos that people want to watch. This is a huge missed opportunity, and one we’re on a mission to address. Wouldn’t it be awesome if scientists were as fluent in “YouTube” as they are in “Blog” and “Twitter”? The Science Showcase Video Contest is all about getting researchers excited about communicating their science to curious-minded people on YouTube. So if you are doing cool research, and have a passion for telling others about it, get creating! Qualifying videos will be showcased on the Science Showcase YouTube channel, and the best reviewed by our panel of distinguished guest judges, including BrainCraft’s Vanessa Hill, NPR’s Richard Harris, ACS Reaction’s Adam Dylewski, and Google’s Cat Allman. Submissions close August 31, 2017.