Formerly known as part of the C-DEBI CC-RISE Program for community college students, CC-CREW is a paid, non-residential summer research experience for local community college students to work at WHOI for 8-10 weeks ~June 15-August 15 (exact dates depend on student availability). Right now, the opportunity is limited to up to 4 students per summer, working in the Huber lab under the direct guidance of Dr. Gretta Serres but we will be expanding post-COVID. The students are part of the lab, participate in research, and get exposure to the many STEM careers a research institution like WHOI has to offer. Students receive mentoring on the transition from a community college to a university and on options for graduate studies in areas they are interested in. Students also have a chance to present their research to an audience of peers and mentors. Our 2021 program will likely be mostly virtual due to COVID restrictions.  Applications are due March 31, 2021.