Detailed insight into the microbiome of a system can shape our understanding of it, but the learning curve for incorporating computationally intensive tools can be very high! Join instructor Dr. Benjamin Tully, C-DEBI Bioinformatic Specialist, for an upcoming bioinformatics workshop at the University of Southern California, June 21-22, 2018. All expenses are covered courtesy of the NSF STCs C-DEBI, EBICS, and BEACON. Topics include: Unix command line; Illumina sequence quality control; Metagenomic experimental design; Sequence Assembly; Metageomic binning; Functional Annotation; and Phylogenetic analysis. Note: participation requires a laptop with 40 GB of hard drive space. To apply: email by May 28, 2018 – be sure to include your home institution, your home STC, and what you hope to get out of the workshop. All levels are welcome. There is a 15 participant maximum, so apply soon!