Greetings C-DEBI scientists and educators, have you seen Delaware Sea Grant and C-DEBI’s 15 Second Science segments and thought, “Gee, I want to do that!” Well, now is your chance. On Wednesday, December 14 at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, we will be setting up our exclusive 15 Second Science/Dive Deeper video camera, and we need you! If you are interested in filming your own 15 Second Science segment, please sign up for a 30-minute recording block at Once you have signed up for a time slot, you need to prepare a script—we can help! Typically, our segments are 2-3 brief sentences that flow into one another, and have a nice, firm closing. We just need the basics of your science; think elevator pitch in a very short building. We have found the audience of 15 Second Science to be all over the charts in terms of science background. If you send us your script, we’ll work with you to fine tune it. We’ll also need your help in finding appropriate B-roll—photos, videos, animations, graphs, etc. that drive your point home (your actual face will only be on screen for about 2-3 seconds), so your suggestions and B-roll contributions are welcome, as long as they are free to use for education purposes with attribution. Once recorded and produced, your segment will be featured on all Delaware Sea Grant social media channels, shared by C-DEBI, and open to sharing as you/your institution see fit. They will also become part of the Project VIDEO website/collection. We hope you will join us and film a 15 Second Science episode at AGU! Help us, help you share your science!