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Created June 23, 2020
Modified June 30, 2020
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Processing Description

Data were processed in Excel.

BCO-DMO Data Manager Processing Notes:
* Data from originally submitted Excel file Data_TP.xlsx exported as csv.  Sheets for steps 1-4 combined into one data table.  
* added a conventional header with dataset name, PI name, version date
* modified parameter names to conform with BCO-DMO naming conventions
* blank values in this dataset are displayed as “nd” for “no data.” nd is the default missing data identifier in the BCO-DMO system.
* Date format changed to ISO 8601 format yyyy-mm-dd


Also referred to as an Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscope (ICP-AES). These instruments pass nebulised samples into an inductively-coupled gas plasma (8-10000 K) where they are atomised and excited. The de-excitation optical emissions at characteristic wavelengths are spectroscopically analysed. It is often used in the detection of trace metals.


Extract [sample_descrip]
Extract solution
text description of sample collected
Step in the sequential extraction scheme (1-4)
text description of sample collected
Dilution [sample_descrip]
Sample dilution
text description of sample collected
Sample_ID [sample]
Sample ID, unique sample identifier

unique sample identification or number; any combination of alpha numeric characters; precise definition is file dependent

Analyte_Name [sample_descrip]
Element analyzed
text description of sample collected
Int_Corr [unknown]
Intensity (corrected)
association with a community-wide standard parameter is not yet defined
RSD_Corr_Int [unknown]
Relative standard deviation (RSD) of corrected intensity
association with a community-wide standard parameter is not yet defined
Conc_Calib [P]
Calibrated concentration of total phosphorous

P (Phosphorus). May be reported in parts per million, nanomoles per liter, or other units. Refer to dataset metadata for units.

Date [date]

Date the samples were analyzed in ISO 8601 format yyyy-mm-dd

date; generally reported in GMT as YYYYMMDD (year; month; day); also as MMDD (month; day); EqPac dates are local Hawaii time. ISO_Date format is YYYY-MM-DD (http://www.iso.org/iso/home/standards/iso8601.htm)

Dataset Maintainers

Adina PaytanUniversity of California-Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz)
Delphine DefforeyUniversity of California-Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz)
Amber YorkWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI BCO-DMO)

BCO-DMO Project Info

Project Title Potential phosphorus uptake mechanisms of the deep sedimentary biosphere
Acronym Deep sea sediments
Created November 7, 2016
Modified November 7, 2016
Project Description

The goal of this project is to explore potential microbial P uptake mechanisms in marine sediments beneath the North Atlantic Gyre and their effects on the relative distribution of organic P compounds as a function of burial depth and changing redox conditions. We use a combination of metagenomic analyses and solution 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31P NMR) to investigate (1) the presence of microbial functional genes pertaining to P uptake and metabolism and (2) the possible P substrates for the deep biosphere in these oligotrophic sediments.

NSF C-DEBI Award #156246 to Dr. Adina Paytan

NSF C-DEBI Award #157598 to Dr. Delphine Defforey 

Data Project Maintainers
Adina PaytanUniversity of California-Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz)Principal Investigator
Benjamin J. TullyUniversity of Southern California (USC)Co-Principal Investigator
Jason B. SylvanTexas A&M University (TAMU)Co-Principal Investigator
Delphine DefforeyUniversity of California-Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz)Co-Principal Investigator
Barbara J. Cade-MenunAgriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AGR GC)Co-Principal Investigator
Brandi Kiel ReeseTexas A&M, Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC)Co-Principal Investigator
Laura A. ZinkeUniversity of Southern California (USC)Co-Principal Investigator